Who are these programmes for?

Anyone battling with their menopause journey, whether the battle is physical, mental or both. Our courses are designed to help the whole of you.

Does it matter how fit, or not, I am?

No, we have both beginner and intermediate/advanced levels so there will be one to suit you.

Please complete the PAR-Q medical questionnaire we send to you.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions, you should speak to your doctor before you start.

How do I access pre-recorded sessions?

Via a link that we send to you when you buy Invigor LIVE or Invigor Now.

How do I join live sessions?

Via a link that we’ll send you each week when you join Invigor Live.

When are the live sessions?

We run the live programmes three times a year and the sessions are always on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

What if I miss a live session?

Don’t worry, we record them all and send the link out to you with your weekly newsletter.

Do I need to watch all the pre-recorded videos in order?

Yes and don’t be tempted to skip a week – gradual progression through the programme is key.

Do I need any equipment to join?

Yes, access to the internet (phone, laptop, pc or tablet) and some weights:

  • 2/4 kgs if you’ve never lifted before.
  • 4/6kgs if you've lifted but are still relatively new to it.
  • 6/8kgs if you’re an old hand.

In an ideal world you would have three sets:

  1. Lighter set for upper body
  2. Heavier set for lower body
  3. Medium set for full body moves that recruit the core stabiliser muscles keeping you strong while working the upper and lower body together.

What if I don’t have any weights?

Improvise! Use water bottles or cans of beans. Both are perfect when you start out.

Or ask around: friends, family – you'll be surprised how many people have weights hidden away that they have been meaning to use.

What’s the difference between the LIVE and NOW programmes?

NOW: Available to buy off the shelf at any time. 

LIVE: These sessions are run three times a year and include:

  • Strength Masterclass: live with us
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Further reading and podcast listening suggestions
  • Pre-recorded weekly workouts
  • Tuesday evening zoom education sessions with our guest experts