Progressive Strength Based Videos

We will be taking you through a weekly programme incorporating cardio, strength and core – it is all integral. No such thing as leg day:). It is specifically designed to increase strength, stamina and flexibility.

If you have never partaken in any lifting of weights before – we start light. If you regularly lift weights, you can take the advanced progressions we give.

What to Expect?

6 x 40 – 50-minute sessions to be completed 2/3 times each week. Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced options.

6 Modules

  1. Fitness & Movement
  2. Hormones + HRT
  3. Nutrition
  4. Skincare
  5. Pelvic Health
  6. Sleep and Stress

These modules serve to educate you about the changes to your body during menopause. It offers practical tips and techniques to help you address all aspects of your lifestyle that will affect your menopause and health in the future.

This course focuses on YOU. We hope it will give you the time and tools to listen to your body and analyse the root cause of some of your symptoms.


You are not alone!

You will be able to share your experiences, as the course includes a private coaching community, where women come together to receive support, encouragement and the answers they need from us.


How many of us have said ‘yeah yeah we know what to do’ but then not done it.

We want to hold you accountable in order to get the positive benefits we know will come from getting stronger, getting more sleep, getting control of your stress and eating a balanced diet.

After each module there will be a challenge – call it homework! We are not here to add more stress in a time of plenty of that in general life.

We want you to be accountable to yourself with our support and buddying up with friends.

The challenges are there to get more out of this than just listening to the advice – we want you to ACT on it.