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I have absolutely loved the Invigor programme and have already recommended it to a couple of friends

I really enjoyed the Invigor course, especially the lectures with experts. I learnt a lot and feel more empowered going forward.

Great session yesterday, am finding it all so interesting, inspiring and if I'm brutally honest a little scary at times thinking about some changes I need to make! 

I just wanted to say a belated thank you for your recent Invigor course. It was just what I needed just when I needed it!
I thought the whole programme was really well put together and the weekly news letters really summed it all up well. 

Thank you Jo & Nicky, this has been absolutely brilliant - well done putting this course together. Personally it came just at the right moment in life ;-) Will definitely be recommending your next course to friends.

First of all thank you both for such a brilliant 6 weeks - I am sad that its already come to an end! 

I took part in the pilot programme of Invigor Life & have been recommending you and Jo ever since! 

I loved your session yesterday. Full of good and solid advice and so professionally run. Thank you.

First of all a massive THANK YOU for running this course - my goodness It’s going to really make a difference!
Every sentence made sense! Wow!

Really enjoying these 30min (Invigor Plus) workouts!
Short, sharp and fab fun with the two of you - just perfect to fit in to my morning

I really enjoyed the pilot Invigor programme and all the time, thought and effort you put into making such a great programme. I definitely have friends who will be interested in your next full programme!

I lost inches off my waist and hips over the six weeks of the pilot. I was quite surprised at the results! 

...thank you for the programme! I got lots from the sessions, including the confidence to go to my GP about HRT which I'm starting on this week. I also didn't look at the clock last night when I woke in the night! I enjoyed the breadth of the topics which were very informative and the speakers were excellent. Also liked how the takeaways were kept simple and achievable. I'm still a beginner when it comes to the strength sessions but I've really enjoyed them and plan to re-do the videos.

For someone just entering their forties, who already enjoys exercising and the associated health and mental benefits, I really had very little understanding of what to expect when the menopause hits! 
The Invigor course has been brilliant, a wealth of vital information broken down into weekly topics, all immensely interesting, helpful and delivered in a fun interactive way.
I now feel much more prepared for this new phase and understand how my current training can be improved to help with some of the symptoms - invaluable! 

Just wanted to say a big thank you to both of you for running this Invigor programme. I have really enjoyed it and although at 54 I guess I have probably ‘paused’ it was good to have a chance to take stock of everything and think about where I am heading and what shape I want to be in! 

Well, what a great workout to end the course on! I have really enjoyed the exercise classes and can really see a difference in my strength after these 6 weeks. I thought the format of warm-up, pulse raiser, cardio, strength, core, stretch worked really well. A cardio blast always sets me up for the hard work of the weights! It’s great to be able to access them on YouTube for a few weeks too – I plan to go over them again several times while I build my confidence in working out a routine for myself.
I found the Tuesday night sessions really interesting, particularly the nutrition one. I plan to go over them again and take some notes as there was so much to take in – although your weekly newsletter with key points is an excellent reference for those all-important top tips. The clock is now banished from my bedroom, and I feel that I have some great tips for navigating the next few years.

Where did those 6 weeks go?
You should be really chuffed. Instead of it being a silent subject you made it feel as if we were part of a special club - a very empowering feeling.
I was trundling along picking up various pieces of information and making do with various symptoms. Not anymore, I’m armed and ready - bring it on 

Firstly, a big thank you for an excellent set of presentations and classes. It was brilliant value and I feel so much better equipped to look after my health and wellbeing. I really wish I’d known so much of this, particularly where related to the menopause in my early 40’s!

I just wanted to say how great the course has been, I’ve been really impressed with all of the presentations - you have really worked hard to put together interesting content delivered by inspirational people and the strength work has been brilliant - I’ve actually got into a routine of getting up early and exercising. I’ve also spoken to my GP and am starting on HRT, knowing that I’m not alone / going mad and that there is help available has been brilliant.

Thanks for running a brilliant and informative course
I've really enjoyed the sessions and loved the workouts. I don't usually do much strength training and have really found this a new challenge and think it's benefited my running performance with some quicker races recently. I'll definitely try to incorporate strength training into what I already do. I don't think there is anything I would recommend you change. For me I found I was in a really good rhythm with the workouts and managing to complete them three times a week until week 4 when I got COVID and then lost momentum as I was juggling children at home isolating. I then let my boundaries slip and caught up on work which gave me less time for me. That's something for me to work on. 

I loved the Invigor Course - it really got me thinking about so many aspects of the menopause and lifestyle changes I can start to make to help the process. I'm on a pill which I take continuously so I don't have periods and feel like I have no idea where I am in my menopause journey, but I feel much better prepared and knowledgeable about changes ahead. 
The Invigor workouts are great - I took it slowly recovering from a nasty cold but am starting week 5 next week so have been building up. On the live sessions & in the videos I have found you both so welcoming and inclusive; sometimes fitness instructors can be a bit intimidating but you are both really down to earth & clearly have a genuine interest in passing on really important knowledge to women. It has felt like a really safe environment to discuss some important and often sensitive issues. Also, the acceptance of starting where you are at with exercise & strength training has been really empowering. I've always had dreadful upper body strength but can feel myself improving every week. 
Once again thank you to you both for a really interesting and valuable course that has been honestly life changing for me in terms of altering my perspective on healthy eating, exercise in general (specifically strength training which I hadn't realised was so important) which I am now properly planning into my week & prioritising looking after myself. I will be encouraging friends to look out for the next course!

The Invigor Life programme was recommended to me by a friend as I had been experiencing some issues that I thought might be related to menopause (e.g., increased anxiety, low mood, sleep issues, generally feeling rubbish).
The programme has been great! It has helped me to understand the impact of the hormonal changes that take place around the menopause and, importantly, what concrete steps I can take to feel better and look after myself. It was really reassuring to hear that what I’m experiencing is very common and has a rational explanation! Just knowing that other people are going through the same thing is helpful in itself.
The weekly talks cover a range of relevant topics (e.g., nutrition, pelvic health, sleep). The guest speakers are really knowledgeable and engaging, and they present the information at just the right level. I learned a lot, but it wasn’t overwhelming. 
The workout videos have been brilliant. Nicky and Jo are fantastic. They are so enthusiastic (but not annoyingly so!) – they keep you motivated even through the more challenging sections. They explain each technique carefully so you can be confident that you’re doing the exercises correctly.
The workouts are really well-structured (each video has a warmup, pulse raiser, cardio, strength, core & stretch/cool down) and the level of difficulty builds across the weeks, so you feel that you’re really making progress. I highly recommend the live masterclass in week 1 as I found this was a great way to get started. 
Overall, I’ve taken a huge amount away from this programme. I’m really pleased that I did it and I highly recommend it.